Ep 4: Will the fans turn out for the Alliance’s Week 1?

TBT’s 2019 format, Pacific Pro’s confusing proposition, and Week 1 AAF predictions.

After months of hype, it’s time to see if fans are ready to buy what the Alliance is selling. Join Mike Brantley (@MikeBrantley_YJ) and Mike Sherman (@MikeShermanInfo) for a discussion of outlaw sports teams and leagues.

Show Highlights

  • Praise for Oliver Luck’s framing of the XFL’s position in the football ecosystem
  • The Basketball Tournament (TBT) unveils its 2019 format
  • Game and attendance predictions for the Alliance’s opening weekend

Show Lowlights

  • Mike Brantley’s feud with Trent Richardson deepens
  • The two of us getting the Alliance’s name wrong a combined three times
  • Mike Brantley’s dog making noise in the background

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